We encourage you to submit your abstracts and join us in Apeldoorn for an interactive celebration and exchange of ideas!

Alternative interactive presentation

Think out of the box!
Standard oral presentations will not be part of the Centering congress. Instead we offer you the possibility to present your research, thesis, project etc. in an alternative but interactive (Centering-based!) way. For instance have you ever thought of dancing your project or sing a song about your research or project? As an example we give you the annual ‘Dance your Ph.D. contest’:

Announcing the annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest | Science | AAAS

The word limit for an alternative presentation abstracts is 300 words. Abstracts need to be clear and must address:

  • What did you do
  • Why did you do this
  • What did you find
  • Short description of interactive activity
  • Name of any sponsor
  • References
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Abstract submission will close on 1-10-2022 at 24.00 hrs. CEST

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